Many people who want to jump into investing for the first time will find themselves lost amidst the thousands of books, articles, podcasts, videos, and websites that exist and aimed at beginners. Here are a few of the best resources I’ve found thus far. As I discover more, I’ll try to highlight the best of the best that have helped me learn new things along the way:


  • Investopedia

The holy grail for the beginning investor. It have a digital dictionary of investing jargon for you to reference if you come across something you do not know. By far for me starting out, the best part of this website as a beginning investor was the tutorial section. Easy enough to follow, these segments walk you through what it means to have a stock, different stock-owning strategies and goals, and how to assess a company’s value. If you feel lost with regards to which tutorials to start with, may I suggest reading “Investing101“, “Stock Basics“, and  “Value Investing“, It appears they have a pay-for-access “Academy” section as well, but I have not explored that yet.


  • Invest Talk

This is an excellent podcast that you can easily tune into during your morning commutes. The hosts are financial advisers from the firm KPP Financial. The podcast airs a new session almost every weekday, giving an overview of current news events and how they relate to finance and investments. What I find most valuable about this podcast are the call-ins by other listeners, asking for advice about current market trends and stocks they own or are interested in. I myself have called in once before, and was pleasantly surprised that my question was answered on the podcast. For more information you can click on the link here to visit their website.