About This Site


For a long time, I was overwhelmed with the idea of getting my feet wet in the financial world. I remember as a kid watching my parents stressing over every shift in the market. When I finally took the plunge, the terminology alone was dizzying….for example I didn’t really know what a dividend was, let alone the difference between a dividend vs interest. But slowly I learned. From books to videos, podcasts and articles, I scoured through it all until I felt confident enough to buy my first stock. It was only when I realized afterwards how easy it was to buy and sell stocks, and when I saw the profit potential that comes with it, that I was kicking myself for not starting years ago!

The idea for starting this site stems from the fact that I know I have waayyyyy much more to learn. Yes, I have learned a bit and I study every day, but the journey has just begun. I have had some investing successes thankfully. I have also made some beginner mistakes. I hope in looking back at my old posts I can learn a little about what. For anyone reading along, I hope you may learn from my mistakes and avoid them! And hopefully we can both win in the long run.

My goal (and I’m sure many of you will share the same sentiment) is to be financially independent. I want to work, yes, but I want my work to be my past-time. My final hope is that this site may help all of us working towards this goal get one step closer to achieving it.

Through this site, I will share my investment strategies and thoughts. I will walk through how I evaluate decisions on whether to buy or sell a company’s stock….and afterwards we will find out together how that decision plays out. As I learn about finance in general in topics ranging from personal finance, retirement planning, and current events, I hope to share my knowledge to any and all who may be following on this journey.